Our Journey – The Beginning


Tommy and I were talking the other day about how God gives us intuition for a reason. Without discussing it with each other, we both had an intuition of what was going to happen when he went in for his tests. I have never felt God’s presence more than when the Dr said the word “cancer.”

After many Doctors visits (6 in three days to be exact) we were informed that Tommy has Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer, meaning they have found a tumor in his colon and another spot on his liver.

We are both staying positive and believing that this is God’s plan for us at the moment, we are believing that God gives us every trial as an opportunity to live out our faith. At the moment we are trying to keep life as normal as possible, we thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes and we will do our best to keep you updated as much as possible throughout this journey.


Ways to Help


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When an unexpected life event such as an illness occurs, so many people want to support the family.

Tommy & Brittany have received so many offers of help and they are so grateful! We’ve compiled a list of practical ways you can help & serve as a blessing to their family during this time.

You can scroll down or click on the links in the sidebar.


Chuck & LeeAnn Taylor, Family Friends

Encouragement Team



Is your spiritual gift encouragement? Do you love to write cards or letters?

We all can use words of encouragement during a difficult time and this is that time for the Mitchells.

Join the Encouragement Team!

Take a moment to drop a note or card in the mail to Tommy and/or Brittany to let them know they are loved & supported!

Email LeeAnn at contact@leeanngtaylor.com if you need their address.

Prayer Team



Tommy & Brittany have a strong faith and have discussed & demonstrated how God has been present through their journey so far.

As friends and family, the best way we can support them is to pray.

Will you join the Prayer Team?

Click to sign up to pray on a specific day. Notes are added as available so you will know what specifically to pray for.

Sign Up To Take Them A Meal


meal delivery

Would you like to serve the Mitchells by providing a meal?

Meals are needed starting Monday, June 9th.

Please sign up using the Take Them A Meal website so we can easily coordinate meals & volunteers. Details on food sensitivities and delivery are listed on the meal sign-up site.

Breakfast foods & snacks are also welcome in addition to dinner.

Note that their family password on the site is “hope” (no quotes).

If you have trouble signing up or have questions, please contact LeeAnn Taylor at 336-692-7505.

Help With Medical Bills



While Tommy does have medical insurance, it has a very high deductible and his surgery/treatment will span two insurance cycles, meaning he will have to meet the deductible twice.

They will be faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills to cover scans, doctor visits, surgery, chemotherapy, and follow ups in the next 8 months.

Any financial donation you can make is greatly appreciated.

Click HERE to donate securely & to visit or share their fundraising page.

Thank you for being a blessing to their family!

Mowing & Lawn Care


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It’s summer…which means the grass is growing! While Tommy is recovering from surgery, the Mitchells could use help with keeping their lawn mowed & yard work done.

If you’d like to help, click HERE to sign up for a week.

UPDATE: Mowing & Lawn Care has been taken care of through the end of August.